• Fold it! Fold it, it'll make it easier.
  • It's a box that can be folded thinly and stored. You can stack them on top of each other pieces can still be stacked.
  • It's made of a polypropylene material that can be seen inside, so you can easily check what you have received. It means that you can easily check the contents even when there are a lot of boxes.
  • You can put things up to 50L and 8kg. The size is 530mm × 366mm × 325mm. When folded, the height is reduced to 60mm. A separate lid is provided.
  • Material: PP Capacity: 51.3L/8kg Weight: 2.28 kg Exterior Size: 530 x 366 x 336mm Internal size: 493 x 335 x 311mm
  • Color: Transparent


TRUSCO TR-50 Stacking Foldable Container






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